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If you’re an intermediate or advanced player (if you know roughly what you’re doing), or if you know what you want to learn, you can skip this section, and just browse through the different sections on the site.

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How To Proceed

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Getting Over Setbacks, Plus Final Words

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On the left you can find the different sections of this site. Just choose what you want to explore. More stuff will be added as we go along, and there’s a lot to be added.

10 thoughts on “Start Here”

  1. Dear Elmo,

    Video called: “The Importance of Fun” on the Mental Side Page is silent.
    Do you think you can check?

    1. Hi again,
      It appears you’re right. I have no idea what’s happened. It’s silent on the Vimeo site as well. I have a hard time believing it’s always been silent, because it’s been up here for ages, and no one has said anything about it (at least not that I remember).

      I guess I have to redo it. Actually I’ve been thinking of doing some stuff for the academy anyway.
      Sorry about the hassle.


  2. It a good way to explain the approach for playing guitar, it is not obvious when teachers don’t talk about it and focus on the material. When you start to become a guitarist, you realize it is more of a way of living more than theory and techniques. The theory make it structured, the efforts make it stronger, the passion drives all of it. We are not soldiers with no brains.

  3. hey Elmo
    everythings looking good so far, if i could make a suggestion,
    could you make a video on site reading and ear training , i know its not something that a lot of guitarists do , but it does help train your ears and give better pitch, its something ive always wanted to be able to do is read a guitar score and play it instantly , cheers Sammy

  4. Hi Elmo
    Just starting to go through the videos and once I’ve gone through several, I will give you feedback,
    cheers Sammy

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