Technique (the more basic stuff)

Technique videos of the more basic kind.

Bends 1 – Why bends? and Bends.

Direct download link

Bends 2 – Vibrato.

Download link

Bends 3 – The More Extreme Stuff

Download link

Alternate Picking

Download alternate picking exercises pdf

Download video

Economy Picking

Download economy picking exercises

Download video

Picking Hand

Download video

The Pinky

Download The Pinky exercises

Download video


Download the video:

3 thoughts on “Technique (the more basic stuff)”

  1. Hi.Your lessons are really usefull.You are real professional.I ‘d like to ask you some things about hands,left hand.I guess I’ve got tendenit maybe.I would be very gratfull for you for any help.

  2. Videos made very well with clear and simple explanations. I think it’s a good idea to do the arpeggios first fast and then slow. This allows you to learn it step by step very well.
    Thanks Elmo, stay in tune,

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