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Guitar lessons with me.

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Guitar lessons with Finnish guitar maestro Elmo Karjalainen.
Purchasing this product gives you lifetime access to the videos on this site. The videos are also downloadable.

  • Learn what got me started playing, and how that can work for you.
  • Discover why self-discipline is not a big issue on the way to guitar greatness.
  • Learn all the exercises and techniques that I have practiced to get where I am.
  • Have FUN while learning.
  • Learn technique, theory, production, the mental side of playing and tons more.
  • Get a FREE video response lesson with me.

If you prefer the option of paying on a monthly basis (it’s $10/month), you can get access over at That way you can also try out the course and decide not to pay.

The price is a mere $200 for lifetime access, for a course that has a value of over $1,000. On other big lesson sites you end up paying more PER YEAR. And what if you’re not happy? Satisfaction is 110% guaranteed. If you don’t like it, you get your money back, plus 10%. No questions asked, hassle free. So there really is no risk for you. I am the one taking the risk, but it’s one I’m willing to take, because I truly believe in this course.

After purchase simply click one of the categories on the left hand side of the site (or in the menu if you’re using mobile) to access the videos.

Now is the time to decide. You can choose to not pursue your desire to learn, or you can continue down that rocky road that hasn’t led anywhere. Or you can decide to start really learning and having fun with me.

8 reviews for Guitar Lessons

  1. Daniel Gil

    Elmo is an excellent teacher. His online lessons are the best that the internet has to offer. He is clear and concise. The lessons give you an exact way to envision your playing and a very direct method of practice. He is also very funny! This helps tremendously when attempting to learn, as it eases your mind and helps give a relaxed atmosphere. I am looking forward to more of Elmo’s academy.

  2. tuomo.tikkanen (verified owner)

    I´ve been playing guitar and other instruments for 20+ years. I got on this course as lead-guitar was that one area I never got a hang of. “Back in the day” I was always the rhythm-guitarist (former bass player and drummer maybe put me in that position?). I actually tried to get some lead chops some 10 years ago. Things however didn’t´t work out and I left to accommodate my playing in other ways. Fast forward ten years and all of a sudden I´m well into my 30´s and starting to develop a taste for the big guitargods; your Malmsteen´s, your Vai´s, your Abasi´s. I figured I´d start focusing on lead-playing. Didn’t´t know how, but somehow. From nowhere I fell upon this Elmo through Twitter. Actually, he contacted me and wondered if I´m into guitar. Which I am. Obviously to promote himself and his music, that is after all what social media is built for. Still not that impressed, as I rarely am, I still started watching his videos on Youtube. Funny fellow. All of a sudden I found myself trying out some of his tips. So after having swallowed my pride I figured I´d give it a go.

    I started out by looking into this website and tried to buy the course. Something was wrong. And right here comes a telling tale of the ways of Elmo. I e-mailed him through Facebook and he instantly threw himself into settling manners with my purchase and got me going. That is true generosity to me when someone gives of his/her time when you fall into trouble. Time is something we never get back, thus making it the biggest investment we can ever make.

    So the course then. It is pure awesomeness wrapped in gold. Keyword here is “width”. It is one thing to show figures and talk about them, maybe even show them. This is something you definitely get in a great fashion. But what gets me the most, in a positive way, is the videos of a more philosophical nature. I strongly urge you to return to videos about the mental side. You will need it. It serves as a warm blanket when you hit the proverbial wall of not progressing.

    I know most of the videos by heart by this time. I´m far away from finished. But I can sense strong progress in my own playing, and tat in its way has given me a new sense of much of the music I usually listen to. I know by now that if I keep at it with the stuff I´ve gotten from Elmo here I will surpass my own expectations by miles of my own playing. That´s how good this course is, I totally see why the site guarantees that money-return. I wouldn’t ask for my money back. Not in a million years. When someone teaches at this quality, that person deserves the cash. hands down.

    Be prepared to laugh a lot (as the videos are quite funny from time to time) and be prepared to amaze yourself.

    100% satisfied. I play. And play. And play. Although I paid for the course I am still grateful. I´m not the best of students, too much ego in me :D. But I subdued myself on this one and I am grateful for it as it has paid itself many times.

  3. Lee

    Elmo,s Guitar Academy is an absolute must for all guitar players, weather your a beginner or advanced, Elmo covers all the bases, with his humble nature and sometimes great sense of humour, you will learn everthing you need to know about playing the guitar, and at £50 for a lifetime of guitar knowledge, its an absolute steal,
    Thanks Elmo your one of the best.

  4. Silvestro Molinari (verified owner)

    New Teory and Free stuff Video. Other excellent examples on progression chords and simple scales from which everyone can learn to perform soloying and
    rhythm. Thanks Elmo.


  5. Gabriele (verified owner)

    Beginners than professional can draw examples for their work with rhythm, soloying, song writing, new ideas for new pieces.
    Listening the tracks slow down helps a lot. Nice work Elmo. Thank you.

  6. Lou DeMarco – Waterford, NY USA (verified owner)

    I am very familiar with Elmo’s instructional material, and I can definitely say that you will improve dramatically if you work through each video until you master it.

    The material is organized into short, musically logical video lessons that you can watch in one sitting. This makes it easy to go back to each topic if you want to make sure you didn’t miss anything.

    Elmo has a great sense of humor, and his humble nature makes his lessons seem like you’re sitting right there with him playing guitar, although you need to bring your own beer.

    It’s worth noting that he is a world-class instrumental guitar composer and performer, and I’d highly recommend picking up all of his released CDs. Not only will they be added to your frequent-listening playlist, but you will learn how he applies the techniques and harmonic content that he shares in each lesson.

    He also has some great backing tracks available that you can use to practice your new skills.

    This course is a bargain. Subscribe today and start taking your playing to the next level. You will be happy you didn’t hesitate!

  7. Craig (verified owner)

    My primary instrument is drums, but I can usually hold my own when it comes to playing rhythm guitar. My lead guitar ability is another matter entirely, so my goal was to improve on that aspect of my playing.

    That in mind, Elmo’s Guitar Academy was the perfect answer for me since its focus is on exactly that, playing lead guitar. Not to mention, I jumped at the chance to learn from an artist who’s talent rivals guitarists such as Joe Satriani and Steve Vai!

    Despite what many other guitar courses might advertise, an easy way to learn to “play guitar like the pros” in a few days or weeks is a myth. Also, learning to play *properly* is of utmost importance. Elmo’s course may take you a while to complete, but that will naturally depend entirely on you and the pace you’re comfortable with.

    A simple fact of life: The more work and dedication you’re willing to put into learning any complex skill, the better at it you’ll become. Elmo’s Academy will certainly provide you with all of the building blocks you’ll need to reach that goal, including easy to follow videos and practice tabs. In addition, he’s extremely responsive with help if you happen to get stuck along the way.

    Without a doubt, I recommend this course 100%, easily 5/5 stars.

    Thanks for all of your support, Elmo!

  8. ejkguitaracademy_2peqgx

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