“You do a great job on content, and [the videos are] entertaining and very helpful. I enjoyed the humor, the presentation and most of all, the material. Keep doing what you’re doing.” – Lou DeMarco

“I think it is well presented […] excellent” Miles Rothwell

“I got through your first five lessons yesterday, and have really learned a ton already. You’re very laid back in the videos as always, almost makes me feel like I’m sitting in the room with you taking lessons (which I’d surely do if I lived closer anyway). That makes for a comfortable watch, and me not feeling like an idiot since at this point I’m snail slow with the exercises. They also target lead guitar, which is exactly what I’m after.
In a nutshell, major kudos so far!” – Craig Guerreri

“Impressed so far!” – Mark Green

” The videos were fun and easy to follow and showed that you did know what you were talking about. One CRUCIAL aspect that I have rarely seen on such videos is the human element” – Kevin Dobbie

“Keep up the good work, Elmo! I like your style and I think that others can learn a lot from you!” Gerd Tentler

“just had a short look ( over an hour ) at your vids , nice stuff and tons off it” – Joe Wagenknecht

“I am slowly working through your lessons and am enjoying what I have seen.” – Kevin Cole

“I have just watched your technique versus feeling video. WOW – you have hit on in my opinion, the singular most important thing in guitar playing and making music” – Mark Neilson

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